Getting loads of questions from your campers and leaders?

Here’s a couple of reminders:

Watermarks offers a Trading Post for your group with shirts, drinks, snacks, and more camp souvenirs! Bring cash or we take card to bring some memories home with you.

Watermarks offers paintball. It’s $10/person and usually played during Free REC Time. Tell your students to bring cash with them to signup at breakfast the morning of. Make sure you tell Josh you want to play paintball when building your schedule!

Watermarks has a coffee shop, Good Vibes Coffee, serving your leaders all weekend to keep them happy! We take cash/card and are serving hot and cold beverages!

Good Vibes Coffee located in the Cafe at Camp and open in the mornings before breakfast and at nights before session.

We do have WIFI available to you and your leaders. The network is Watermarks 2.4 and the password is auntiejan (no caps, no spaces). This internet is a step above dial up so don’t get too excited, and the more people you give the password to, the slower it gets for you. Please don’t share this with students as it will spread like wildfire and then no one will have internet.

We also have a land line located in the Shop’s Nurse’s Station available for use. If you need help with it or help finding it, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff members.


if you click any of the questions, a pdf with all the answers will pop up in a new window.

simply copy and paste the link to email blast them to answer all the questions or print and attach during registration!