Weekend Retreat Schedule Builder

Please send in your schedule at least 2 weeks prior to your retreat!

Use the form below to build your schedule from our sample schedule template or build one from scratch using the PDF’s in the Need Help with Your Schedule Section below!

Build your Schedule

This form is based off of the Sample Schedule Template. If you want to do something different, feel free to use the PDF’s below to help plan your event. Email for any questions or to build your custom schedule! Once your form is submitted, Josh will send you a PDF of your schedule for approval!

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Leader Name
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Arrival Time
Meal Times & Session
Meal Times & Session Time will be based on group size and meeting space. Once your form is submitted, Josh will send you a PDF of your schedule for approval!
Night Activity Choices *
Please select night activities (one per night) if you'd like us to run your night games! Based on Availability and preferences below, Josh will select what night your activities are on! Check the games & activities PDF below for a full description of all activities! Trading Post will be open every night before your night activity as well!
Put none if no preference of order
Team Activity Choices *
Choose what Team activities you'd like to do! If an event is marked seasonal, pick it and if it's not available during your retreat, Josh will let you know and you can pick another one! *Swim Time will close Sept. 27, 2020 and reopen during Summer 2021.
Free REC Time Activities *
Please select the activities that interest you the most! Usually we open all that we can, but choose at least 5 that you REALLY want open! If we can't open all activities on a given day, we'll rotate daily to ensure access to everything we offer! *Gagaball, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess board all open 24/7. Trading Post will be open during Free REC Time.
Any activities you want, any you don't want open



Use the PDF’s below to help with the planning! Swim Time at the Lake & Water activities (Water HHH & Mud Tug) will be open until Oct. 13, 2019 or available based upon the weather.