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To apply for the Steward House Program, please complete the following application. You will be notified of your status with the program as soon as your application is reviewed. 


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Please have your Pastor complete a reference, as well as another adult in your life (besides your parents) that knows you well. Have them go to to complete their reference for you.
• Absolutely no hanging out in the opposite sex’s side of the house for any reason. Doing so will result in dismissal of the program. • Everyone should be in his or her own areas of the house at midnight. There should be no hanging out with others after midnight in communal areas. • No overnight guests are allowed. • Pre-approved guests may be allowed. Please let Travis/Angie know ahead of time if having guests over. • Everyone is required to give 3 hrs/week of their time to Watermarks Camp and to a local church. Failure to do so will result in increased hours each week. • While participating in the program you will have the opportunity to serve in different churches assigned by the Program Directors. • Your attendance at scheduled house meetings is expected and required. • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the house for any reason at all. • Rent which is $200.00 a month is expected and required to be paid by the 1st of every month. A $50.00 fee will be added if payment is not received 7 days after the first of the month. Failure to do so, may result in dismissal of the program. • The gas bill and the electric bill will be divided up monthly amongst everyone in the house. Each person is expected to pay their portion on time. • Should you withdraw from the program, you are still expected to pay your rent each month for the remainder of the time of that year, regardless of your involvement for that academic year. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. • House chores will be divided among the house participants based on an overall agreement between everyone. The house is expected to be clean and presentable at all times. • Everyone is expected to treat each other, each other’s items and the property of the house with the utmost respect. • Everyone is expected to treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ while involved in the program. This means no dating or exclusive relationships of any kind with other housemates during your time in the Steward Discipleship House.
The Steward Discipleship House is a property owned by Watermarks Camp that is designed to house young adults. The Steward House participants will live under the supervision of Travis and Angie Critzer, owners and operators of Watermarks Camp. They will direct the participants through this two year (two nine-month increments) program of community-building and discipleship through the everyday details of living, going to school, having specific assignments in areas of personal interest, internships & staff positions with Watermarks Camp and volunteering at a local church. The 4 Goals of the Steward House Discipleship Program: 1. COMMUNITY To let you experience authentic fellowship and to train you to reproduce it. 2. DISCIPLESHIP To strengthen you in your walk with Christ and to model for you how to disciple others. 3. SERVICE To give you opportunities to serve others in this community in practical ways and to prepare you for a life of service wherever you live. 4. PREPARATION To prepare you for the next step of your life and for a life of active participation in the Kingdom and the Church Community. At the end of two nine-months terms, we expect to send out all participants with a sense of purpose and direction, a firm grasp on how to build and participate in community, an understanding of and dedication to the process of discipleship, and an overall vision for the reproduction of the values of God’s Kingdom wherever they go. In addition they will learn an incalculable number of life skills including but not limited to: maintaining a budget, car maintenance, running a household, raising a family, resolving conflict, time management, etc. A third year internship option is a possible invitation only opportunity following your two years. Participants Duties at Steward House Discipleship Program: • Must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and have graduated from high school. • Must be committed to remain in the program for the full two years, including working summer camp after both years. • Must be enrolled in college courses. • Get to serve, attend and participant in a assigned local church • Your schedule will allow for a part-time job. You get to work at Watermarks part-time and can hold an outside job during the week as well. You will also be expected to work summer camp at Watermarks after both years. • You must complete three hours per week of volunteer activities at Watermarks Camp and two hours at a local church. • Will be expected to participate in the upkeep of the Steward House by completing weekly/monthly chores including, but not limited to: preparation and clean-up of meals, cleaning of all rooms, vacuuming, driveway maintenance, etc. • If conflict should arise amongst the community participants, the staff will seek to resolve it expediently using Biblical principles, which include prayer, face to face conversations, and gentleness and respect in speech. Your job as a participant in the Steward House will be to live in such a way that the staff will never have to use these principles. • You must attend weekly house meetings.
Dates of Internship: Middle of August – Middle of May. Cost of Program: $200.00 monthly (utilities not included). Participants will share in the cost of the electric and gas costs. Participants are responsible for all food and hygiene items and cleaning supplies. Your payment will be due the first of each month. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. Other Notes: This is a two year program and will require you to participate for the duration of the two years. If you decide to quit the program before the year has ended, you will still be responsible for the remainder of your financial balance through that academic year (this may be waived if the reason for your removal from the program is deemed to be for extenuating circumstances). The Steward House Discipleship Program cannot provide insurance for participants. It is the duty of the participant and/or his/her parents to take care of this situation. Participants must have own vehicle. No one will be able to have any overnight guests or unapproved guests. Any visitors must get approval from Travis and Angie Critzer.
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After your application has been received and reviewed, you will be interviewed over the phone or in person if possible.