The Steward House is a 2-year internship program implemented at Watermarks Camp in order to help college students discover their true, God given calling for their life. Through serving, gaining a higher education from a local or online college and living in a community of believers, this opportunity does exactly this. We want to develop Christian leadership qualities, servanthood, and teamwork in order to send our students into a world that is desperately needing it.


what is the steward house?

The Steward House gives you the opportunity to serve at camp, and in a local church all while living in a community pursuing where God has called you and giving you the tools to successfully accomplish those dreams that God has placed on your heart. This will provide you a window to see the heartbeat of how camp and church operates and your role in that. You live on camp property along with other interns and will grow together, building a bond that will last a lifetime. No matter where you feel called, there is a place for you here.

serving requirements

One thing we really believe in order to build a solid future is through serving. We believe that the local church has the power to change lives and our communities, so with that we have developed a system of serving times where you can serve at camp and in many areas of the local church. You get to serve for three hours at camp in a chosen areas and at a local church in a chosen department.

serving at watermarks

The students at the Steward House are the hands and feet of the daily operation at Watermarks. You get to serve and learn the ends at outs of what it takes to keep Watermarks running. You will also get a job, working weekends and when Watermarks is in operation. This will provide you with monetary support and experience in life. With doing the internship and working at Watermarks, the Steward House also prepares you to be on the summer staff at Watermarks.

serving at local churches

You get to serve in some of the many departments in the church and really get plugged into what God is doing in the church. You get to learn the ins and outs of how the church functions and your role in that.

Here are the areas you can choose from to serve in:

  • Multimedia, Sound and Lighting

  • Worship              

  • Youth                    

  • Church Planting

  • Children                

  • Missions and Outreach

  • Finance                  

  • Pastoral Care and Prayer

  • Marketing