Steward House Parent Letter


Dear Parents of the Steward Discipleship House Applicants:

We are writing this to you because your son/daughter has expressed interest in our Steward House Discipleship Program. We thought you may have some questions or concerns about allowing your student to participate.

Through the years, our relationships with teenagers have turned into relationships with college students, and as those relationships have deepened, we have made two observations: that we would love to expand our ministry and discipleship relationship with many of these students (who seem to express a reciprocal interest), and that some of these students are still undecided about the “next step” in their lives OR they know the next step but they desire more preparation for that step that they may not be able to find elsewhere. This program is specifically designed as a platform for us to extend our ministry relationship with these students as well as to give them two years of constructive growth in which to sort through (or prepare for) their upcoming life decisions.

Here are few more thoughts we want to communicate to you:

We are committed to answering any and all of your questions.
We are a two discipleship program. In addition, the life and ministry skills they will be developing will be invaluable for the students’ marriages, their church participation, and their careers. Your students will be mentored by Travis and Angie Critzer, founders and directors of Watermarks Camp as well as Trey and Kiersten Critzer, Campus Pastors of Atlee Church - Scottsville Campus. We are taking these two years with your son/daughter very seriously and with the utmost sense of responsibility.
The Steward House Discipleship Program at Watermarks Camp is located in a safe and clean neighborhood. We also want to make sure that as you read through the rest of the application you see that the program is not just two years of living “at camp” or in a Christian “fraternity/sorority” atmosphere. These students will be participating in regular volunteer activities, keeping regular classroom hours and completing regularly scheduled household chores. We know that they will enjoy living in this kind of community, but we also feel they will find the process a little more intensive than they thought.

We hope this letter gives you a greater understanding of what the Steward House Discipleship Program is all about and help you in your decision-making process and as you pray. You may call the camp office (434)-286-4403 or email with any additional questions you may have.

For His Kingdom,
Travis and Angie Critzer