Why Another Building?

Over the past 14 years, we’ve experienced significant growth in many areas around camp. From activities, to bathrooms, and more, but one area that hasn’t matched our growth is session spaces and indoor activity areas. When we get a rainy day, we are severely limited in what we can offer to groups as far as activities. We want to utilize every moment and opportunity with students for them to have the best week of their lives and have the best shot of experiencing Jesus in a fresh way.

Who is Thomas Alan Clifford?

There have been numerous people from the start all the way through our 14 years as Watermarks that have truly left a mark on this place. Tom was one of those people. From building our first ropes course and cabins, to hanging the first set of swings that are still hanging today, Tom’s joy and spirit of worship is still felt around here today. It’s in our culture, our DNA as a staff to create a safe place, a joyful place for students to experience God. From the start Tom believed that this place was possible. He under-girded our dream by any means necessary. Not only did Tom jump in and push this place to what it is, his whole family jumped in. The Clifford family was the first family to say we weren’t crazy, and continued to push us to new levels.

One of Tom’s favorite things to do was worship. He worshiped when life was good and even more when life was hard. Worship was a way of life for Tom, and that’s the legacy he left behind for us at Watermarks. This building is dedicated to Tom and the whole Clifford family for their sacrifice to make this place possible and to continue making a mark on student’s lives.

Watermarks Camp is proof… of God’s power and Tom’s believing that dreams can come true, and do come true. Tom made his mark in this world, an everlasting mark. Tom made his mark in hopes that it might encourage others…. Encourage you, to Make Your Mark.

How can I help?

The most important thing you can do to help us is by joining us in prayer as we embark in this new phase of camp. We believe that God has led the way for the past 14 years and we want nothing short of that for the next 14 years. If you feel led to join us financially, we would be honored for you to join our story for this chapter!

Our goal for this building is to raise a total of $225,000. This will fund the construction of the building, all equipment to finish the building for session times and activity times. We know this number sounds large and is a big reach, but we believe with everyone doing what they can, we can reach this goal together, and continue to make a mark on the next generation.

What will this space be used for?

This space will be used primarily for worship and session times. It will house 300+ students at a time, with a full stage, audiovisual booth and small group rooms as well. Also we will have an indoor basketball court, volleyball court, team-building area and multipurpose indoor activity space for rainy days and free time.


Please consider joining our story and make your mark! Every donation amount will receive an item/items based on your amount. All donations are tax deductible. To join our story, you can mail a check to Watermarks Camp or click the donate button at the top of this screen.