Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you enjoy the camp life and serving others? Then being on staff at Watermarks could interest you. There are many positions open for you, including counselor, maintenance, and media!

Age Requirement: Graduated High School

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This is for someone who has already completed the SIT Program for at least one year or are in the 11-12 grade. If you are feeling called to learn what it takes to become a Watermarks Staff member, this is the route you should take! You get first hand experience with the staff, shadowing what they do. Whether you want to be a counselor, maintenance, media, etc. the junior counselor option teaches you what it takes to be at Watermarks!

Age Requirement: Rising 11-12 Grade

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Can’t get enough of attending camp? Want to serve this summer? Watermarks Camp’s Servant In Training (SIT) program may be just what you need! Our SIT program is a one week volunteer experience. Before becoming a camp staff member, one must learn what it looks like to lead by serving. Our goal is that by the end of your week you will have a better understanding of what it is like to be a servant and how you can possibly use that in being a staff member and in your life.

Age Requirement: Rising 9-10 grade

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