Travis & Angie Critzer

Founders and Directors

Travis & Angie are the dreamers that started and continue to push the vision of Watermarks forward. Travis handles all the booking and contracting of groups. Angie handles all the bookkeeping of camp and keeps dreaming us forward.


Kiersten Critzer

Administrative assistant & registration

Kiersten handles all administrative needs here at camp and handles all local registration for summer camp.

Josh Critzer


Josh handles all of the programming, scheduling of retreats/camp to make your weekend exactly what you want once you book. He also handles all of the creative elements of camp including website, video/photo, worship, design, etc.


Hannah Furrow, Hannah Walczak

food directors

Watermarks is proud to offer food on a higher level. We can accommodate any/every food allergy/need as well!

Sarah Stremel

Activities Director

Sarah runs all of the activities side of things here at camp. Sarah keeps the heart and vision behind Watermarks consistent throughout every event and activity during your stay with us.


Ethan Boor

Maintenance director

Ethan maintains our facilities and grounds and continues to grow camp in new activities and facilities!